A downloadable game for Windows

Descend into the madness of your own mind in this simple 3D platforming level experience.


W,A,S,D - Movement

Mouse - Camera Look

Spacebar - Jump


Install instructions

Download the Descent.zip file and extract the contents. Open the Descent folder, then run the McTague_Theme.exe application. 


Descent.zip 363 MB


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The game has a nice atmosphere and build up, good job!

The messages on the left top are way too small. I didn't realize that this powerup is a double jump since I missed the message, which meant just dying over and over. Also, some jumps require a bit too much precision giving that, in first person, it's difficult for a player to know exactly your own collisions.

Hop this feedback helps! :-)


Thanks for playing! I agree the conveyance and ergonomics of the level and mechanics could be tighter. I'll focus more on those for next time!


Interesting idea for a game. I feel like it could get weirder. It kinda looks like someone just messed up the office. 


Hey ProofreadFire, thanks for checking out my level! The intention for this level was to keep it mechanically simple and instead explore storytelling through atmosphere and level layout. I particularly liked your idea for using people silhouettes in some of the more chaotic rooms. Thanks very much for recording your playthrough, all your feedback is very valuable!